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GavernWP has full support for making translations. Because of differences being a result of using JSON files for generating theme’s options, a theme’s translation should be done in three places:

  1. with files use from a languages catalog
  2. by creating a catalog of a language given in a config catalog
  3. by creating a catalog of a language given in an options catalog

The first stage is a standard operation described in details in WordPress documentation. Let’s focus on the two remaining stages then:

Generally, there is en_US catalog created in config and options catalogs which includes JSON configuration files in an English language. So, in order to translate a theme to a different language , you have to copy this catalog and change its name to a respective language used in your installation, e.g. pl_PL. Then, you have to change all phrases from the English language to your language.

NOTE! You must not change the names of keys in JSON files, the same as, proper names because they are used for proper work and reading values.

e.g. in a widgets.json file for a fragment:

"name": "Top widgets",
"id": "top",
"description": "Widgets area on under the header of website",
"before_widget": "<div id=\"%1$s\" class=\"box%2$s\">",
"after_widget": "</div>",
"before_title": "<h3 class=\"box-title\">",
"after_title": "</h3>"

change the following phrases only:

  • “Top widgets”
  • “Widgets area on under the header of website”

After this operation, you will see sentences in your mother tongue in an administration panel.

It’s worth remembering that in the case when GavernWP will not find a catalog corresponding to the language set in configuration, there will be files used from en_US catalogs.

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