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Lima the city of the Kings

Lima, capital of Peru is connected by air with daily flights to most European, North American and other Latin American countries. From here many domestic flights depart to the various provincial capitals but Lima is more than just a place to change planes.

During the 17th century Lima was one of the wealthiest cities on earth and lots of this rich history tourists can still appreciate today. Lima is a vibrant city of over 8 million people; a perfect combination of historical buildings, interesting museums, modern shopping streets and pleasant restaurants with international and typical Peruvian dishes


We suggest in Lima:

A half day City Tour in Lima

Iglesia-san-Francisco-Lima155COLONIAL AND MODERN CITY

You will be picked up from your hotel and fist taken to the remains of two pre-Inca sites, Naupallaqta, dating from the fourth century called Sacred Town by the Incas and Huaca Huallmarca a pyramid which is typical for pre-Inca constructions along the Peruvian Coast.

From here you will be taken to the Historical Downtown area of Lima which includes the Plaza San Martín with the statue of the Liberator of the same name, the Main Square and the surrounding buildings like the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Presidential Palace, Town Hall, the Desamparados train station from where “the highest train journey in the world” leaves, and the Colonial-style houses with their balconies along the old streets Lima.

In the old center we visit two buildings, the Museum of the Banco Central de Reserva where there is beautiful collection objects made from silver, gold, ceramics and textiles. This is all pre-Columbian which means from before the Spanish arrived. The second building we visit in the historical center is the San Francisco Convent. Here we find a good collection of Colonial Art. We also visit the Choir Hall and the Monks’ Library and the visit in the convent finishes with a visit to the Catacombs.

The City tour takes you now from the Historical Center to the modern suburbs of San Isidro where there is the Golf Club and Olive Park and to Miraflores where there is the brand new Larco Mar shopping /entertainment complex and from where there are very beautiful views over the Pacific Ocean.


goud museum 155On our tour to the Gold Museum you will be looking at an enormous collection of gold artifacts from various pre-Colombian cultures. There are masterpieces made of silver, gold and precious stones used by the early Peruvians.

On the other floor is a very impressive collection of old and modern weapons from all over the world. This weapon collection which also includes uniforms is considered among one of the most complete ones in the whole world.

On the top floor is a collection of ancient tapestries. The whole tour takes about three and a half hours.



In this single tour you will be visiting two museums, the Larco Museum and the Archaeological Museum with some of the major gold, ceramic, textile and art collections in South America. They house incomparable artefacts and collections of pre-Colombian art from Peru and the New World.

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY, ANTHROPOLOGY AND HISTORY. The old colonial building used to be the residence of Peru’s viceroys and later it became the housing of its Liberators. This is one of Peru’s best museums and here you find the Estela Raymondi and the Tello Obelisk monuments, two important carved stone pieces dating back almost 3000 years. There is also a large textile collection, with fabrics from the Pre-Ceramic period through the Inca Empire and there is also a major collection of Ancient Peruvian metals. This museum is closed on Mondays.

LARCO MUSEUM. Housed in a colonial building from the 17th century and built on top of a pyramid from the 8th century. This museum includes a collection of Peruvian Gold and Silver from the beginning days, and there is a vast amount of Pre-Hispanic Erotic Art. In this museum alone there are over 45,000 archaeological pieces making it the largest private collection of pre-Colombian Peruvian art in the whole world.

The tour takes about 3.30 hours and there are morning and afternoon departures (but not on Mondays).



Pachacamac-Lima155Guided tour to pre-Inca ruins about 30 kilometres away from Lima in the Lurin valley. It was one of the most important ceremonial centres on the coast. Pilgrims went to this vast complex to pay homage to the creator god Pachacamac. There are several pyramidal temples and enclosures built by pre-Colombian civilizations and also by the Incas themselves. At the site is a small museum.

The excursion takes about 3.30 hours and part of the journey to get there goes along the Pacific Coast which gives interesting views.


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