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JSON Configuration

In order to make GavernWP framework more flexible, we decided to use files in JSON format for storing thme’s configuration and options layout in an administration panel.

You may find files responsible for theme’s configuration in gavern/options/ catalog:

  • fonts.json – a file which stores theme’s groups of fonts. By default, there are three main gropus created. In order to create a new group, it is enough to add a next object to the object table existing in this file.plik przechowujący grupy czcionek szablonu.
  • menus.json – you will find space for menu used in a theme in this file. You have to remember that except adding a new object, you have to add PHP code generating menu data in theme’s code. It is also worth remembering that there could be one main menu (main field in menu object).
  • opengraph.json – this file includes configuration of fields used in a block connected with metabox which is used for generating Open Graph data. We do not recommend to make any changes in it before you get acquainted with Open Graph tags implementation in GavernWP framework.
  • styles.json – this file is used for generating additional theme’s styles. Except adding a new style, you have to remember about creating an additional CSS file which will be loaded while changing theme’s style.
  • template.json – it is the most important configuration file. It includes information about a theme and it allows to switch off chosen elements of theme administration panel. It is NOT recommended to add new fields to this files because they will not be used without additional PHP code.
  • widgets.json – a file including a list of all positions of widgets. Similarly to menus.json file, you have to remember that except adding a new widget position, you have to also add PHP code which generates it in a theme.
  • widgets.styles.json – a file used for creating new widget styles. Thanks to its implementation, it allows to assign a style given to one widget type only or exclude some widget types from a style given.

In order to understand better JSON files format, we recommend to visit the official website of  this format.


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