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Import/Export settings

Sometimes, there is a situation when you have to copy a configuration from one installation to another one. In order to simplify it, GavernWP has been equipped with import and export options of theme’s settings in “Import/Export” tab of a theme’s main menu:

After entering a page of these settings, you will see the following form:

In order to export settings, it is enough to copy a text from an “Export” field and copy it to an “Import” field in a different theme.

Note! While exporting settings, you have to remember that it is possible to copy settings between the same themes.
Theme’s settings are available in JSON format, so it is possible to save these settings to a file and then modify them manually before loading to a different theme.

Tip: we recommend to make a dump of theme’s settings, thanks to it, you will be secured against not desired effects of greater changes in a theme’s configuration. Such settings dumps should be saved in a file which has in its name the date of making a dump, e.g.  meetgavernwp_backup_30_07_2012.json.

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