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Framework structure

Gavern Framework has a quite extensive files structure. It is similar to a standard structure of majority of the themes, however, because of many functionalities, there are some new elements.

The overall outline of files structure is presented below:

  1. theme’s catalog
    It includes all basic files and catalogs for a theme. It is worth seeing that Custom Pages templats have a theme. prefix at the beginning of their names which helps to find them in files structure.

    1. css
      There are all CSS theme’s files in it. They are described in details in an entry about framework’s CSS code.

      1. back-end
        To have everything ordered, CSS files connected with an administration panel were placed in this catalog.
    2. fonts
      This catalog is used for storing files with additional fonts. You have to remember that each font must have its own catalog including a stylesheet.css file. More information about fonts service can be found in an entry about Fonts in an administration panel.
    3. gavern
      A catalog including the base of whole GavernWP framework work.

      1. classes
        Files with supporting classes used in framework’s code.
      2. config
        Files including framework’s configuration. It has to be remembered that there are additional catalogs used for making transalations.
      3. form_elements
        It includes a main file with a code which generates basic form elements in an administration panel, as well as, catalogs with elements created by a user.
      4. helpers
        A collection of classes connected with specific framework’s tasks, e.g. with generating layout fragments.
      5. layouts
        Files used for generating HTML code of an administration panel.
      6. options
        Files which store options of particular sections of theme’s administration panel. Similarly to config catalog; there are also additional catalogs used for making translations.
    4. images
      Graphic files used with a theme

      1. back-end
        Files connected with an administration panel.
      2. headers
        Default header’s images.
      3. post_formats
        Images connected with entries formats.
    5. js
      JavaScript scripts files used in a thme

      1. back-end
        Likewise in css and images catalogs there are files included used in an administration panel.
      2. templates
        Additional JavaScript files used by some Custom Pages.
    6. languages
      Main files used for creating translations.
    7. layouts
      Files used for generating subpages; they include elements which are used very often; e.g. a head section.


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